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Jai Shri Sita-Ram

We feel extremely delighted while making you introduced with the great saint of India, one who is the incarnation of Divine light, True knowledge , eternal peace and Joy- Shri Tulsipeethadhishwar Jagadguru Shri Ramanandacharya ji, The Blessed Soul , Shri Shri 1008 Shri Rambhadracharya ji,
Shri Chitrakoot Dham(Madhya Pradesh)

A brief biography
The sacred birth

The sacred soul alighted on the earth on Jan 14,1952 in the highly religious Brahmin family of Vashishtha gotra at the holy village Shadi Khurd distt.Jaunpur,U.P . His mother the honourable Smt.Shachi Devi and father the revered Pt.Shri Rajdev Mishra felt themselves thrice blessed to have given birth to such a beautiful and god like child.
Even when he was child the saint bewitched not only the members of his family but also who so ever came to see him for the first time. He had an unfailing beauty, sweetness and charm on his face that comforted, the distressed ones. His board and glowing fore head gave a clear indication of his being enlightened. Very soon people came to know that his child was prodigious

God's Will The Sun of Sanatan Dharm

The Supreme Creator had planned otherise to keep his beloved devotee away form the worldly wiles Just after two months of his birth the child was deprived of his eye-sight on account of an eye-disease-'rohua' . This unpleasant and sad incident seemed to be the members of his family but infact it proved to be a great boon in disguise for the new-born child. The Eternal Father blessed his child with divine eyes to realise the spiritual world and His own self.Since then the great soul made the fullest best use of his heavenly blessing . He began to remain in close intimacy with God and dedicated himself fully to his Creator.

Primary Education

As a result of his introvert nature the child developed a wonderful intellect and memory . He could learn by heart even the most difficult Shlokas and poetry after listening only once.To the utter surprise of the panditas and scholars the saint learnt by heart the Whole of Shrimad Bhagawad Gita only at the age of five years and the whole of Shri Ramcharit Manas composed by Goswami Tulsidas at the age of eight years with the efforts of his great grand father the honourable Pt.Surya bali Mishra , Now he became one with Shri Sita Ram having no separate indentity of his own.

Upnayan and Diksha

His previous name was Gridhar Mishra . That was why all the divine virtues like fearlessness, courage,emotionality,revolutionay nature, sweetness, firm determination and spontaneous poetic overflow became his natural qualities. Even in his childhood he had started composing poems that appealed to the hearts of the listeners.On the auspicious day of Nirjala Ekadashi June 24, 1961 the upanayan ceremony was performed for the saint and the same day he given Gayatri Diksha and above all he was given Diksha of Ram Mantra by the profound scholar and connoisseur of the Indian scriptures,Pt Sh. Ishwardas Ji.

Higher Education

After having learnt by heart Shri Ram Charit Manas and Shri Bhagawad Gita, the great saint felt a keen desire for higher study of Sanskrit . Hence having received education in Panini Grammar for five years in the local Aharsh Shri Gauri Shankar Sanskrit college, he came to Varanasi for a special study. A gold medal was granted to him as he topped in the Shastri Examination in 1973 by the Sampuranan and Sanskrit University.Beside this he also recieved five gold medals and one silver medal for securing highest marks in the Archarya Examination in 1976.

On acoount of his wonderful speech and exceptional talent,Archarya Shri received five first prizes in the all India Sanskrit conference.

in 1975-1981 he received gold medal from the then governer Dr.
M.Channa Reddy for being first in all India Sanskrit debate competition.Like wise the Acharya won so many shields,cups and
important educational prizes in the different debates based on Indian Scriptures and also in a number of educational competitions.

In 1981 Archaya Sri got the Ph.D. degree on 'Adhyatmramayane- Apaniniya Prayoganam Vimarsh' - The subject of his research.
there after the highest degree in the educational world- Dlit was
conferred on him by the Vice President of India for presenting
a divine research on the subject ' Ashtadhyayaya Pratisutram Shabdbodh Samiksha'.

His Renunciation

Even in his childhood the Acharya had dedicated himself fully to the lotus feet of Shri Sita Ram . Now on Nov .19,1983 on the sarced day of kartik Purnima Archraya Shri presented a golden sight when he took Virakt Diksha in Shri Ramanan Sampradaya (Sect). Dr. Giridhar was now decorated with the holy name Shri Rambhadradas.

The Title of Jagadguru

Archrya Shri founded Shri Tulsipeeth in Shri Chitrakoot Dham, the work place of Shri Sita Ram in 1987. At that time all the saints and temple Mahants installed him as Shri Tulsipeetha dhishwar and on June 24, 1988 on the sarced day of Jyeshtha Skula Ganga Dussera, Acharya Shri was honourably seated on the throne of Jagadguru Ramanadacharya of Tulsipeeth officially. On Feb 3,1989 all the saints and khalsas and the three Akharas of Shri Ramananda Sampradaya (sects),who were assembled on the 'Prayag Maha Kumbh' festival, honoured Shri Tulsipeethadhishwar Jagadguru, Shri Ramanandacharya , Shri Rambhadacharya Ji unaimously with their full support.

His exceptional qualities

The personality of Acharya Shri is prodigious. He can learn by heart any subject after listening only once and he never forgets it. As a result of this rare quality,Jagadguru Shri Rambhadarcharya
Ji including Shri Ram Charit Manas , the twelve upanishadas , Brahmsutra , Narad Bhakti Sutra, the whole of Bhagwad Gita, Shandilya Sutra and Valmiki Ramayan. Acharya Shri Composes devotional poems in Hindi and Sanskrit as well spontaneously on account of the Divine inspiration.Having been born of Vashishtha gotra,Acharya Shri worships Lord Ram with the affection of Guru Vashishtha. His original quality is that inspite of holding such a high post of Jagad guru, compassion ,true love for Lord Ram,nobility of Character are his rare qualities that prove his saintliness.He is the custodian of Indian culture.He makes his audience spell- bound by his marvellous style of telling Bhagwad Katha. Indeed he was the gift of the grab. He is the divine image of simplicity and sacrifice.His true sincerity towards Mother India and feerless out bursts to defend,the integrity of the nation are really a source of inspiration for all the Indians.

Any body feels himself thrice blessed as he comes in contact with him.Infact he is the crown of Indian saints.

His versitile genius has granted us valuable literary gifts in both sanskrit and Hindi. His original works have an important place in the different literary forms poetry, articles, essay, preachings and philosphy.

The Tradition of Dharmacharya

In ancient times there has been a tradition of Dharmacharya that this distinction was conferred on only him who produced scholary VedicBhashya(exposition) according to the principles of his sect on the Upnishdas, Gita and Brahmsutra. We call it 'Prasthantrayi'
exception titled 'Shri Raghav Krapa Bhashyam' on Nardbhakti Sutra for the first time. It was released on March 27, 1992 by the then Vice-President of India Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma . This was followed by another great work by Acharyaji an epic titled Árundhati Mahakavya'. This work was released by India's President Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma on July 7, 1995.

Likewise Acharya Shri has completed exposition - writing according to Ramanandaji Shri Vaishnav principles on the eighteen Upanishdas, Gitaji and Brahmsutra. His Holiness has now bestowed his attention on producing comprehensive commentaties on Shrimad Bhagwat and Shri Ram Charit Manas.

Acharyaa Shri very well represents the Indian Dharmacharya and infact he has held aloft the unique and mighty flag of Indian culture in foreign nations too with a vigilant and careful mind.

His yeoman service in social life

Shri Tulsi peetha deeshwar Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Swami Rambhadracharya ji, as we have already mention,is the concrete form of compassion and love. As he was himself deprived of his eye sight, he realised deeply the agony of the blind, physically and mentally handicapped people. He felt that this suffering section of the society has so far been ignored , illtreated and looked down upon. The handicaped need more care, attention and protection. They need to be self dependent in every way. Hence he took a vow to build a universely for the handicapped at Chitrakoot Chitrakoot Handicapped University . He has founded this university which will be unique in itself. It is now under construction.

The C.H.U will be a combined form of four colleges.

(a) The school for the blind (From class 1 to Dlit)
(b) The school for the deaf and dumb (From class 1 to Dlit)
(c) The school for the physically Handicapped (From Class 1 to Dlit)
(d) The school for the mentally retarted.

The handicapped students will be given free accomodation , food, education and training.

Therefore all the lovers of mankind are requested to co-operate with the Acharya Shri generously and whole heartedly so that his great resolution may be fulfiled. Those who come forwared with their financial co-operation in this noble deed will definitely be blessed by the Eternal Father. They will experience an inner bliss that surpasses all the wordly pleasures.

You can send your financial co-operation by cheque or draft to any of the following addresses:

Shri Tulsipeeth Seva Nyas
Tulsipeeth Amodva, P.O Janaki Kund,
Chitrakoot, Distt. Satna -210 204(M.P) India

Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Marg,(Ranigali Bhupat wala),
Hardwar-249410 U.P (India)

Shri Gita Gyan Mandir
Bhakti Nagar Circle,
Rajkot-360002 Gujrat (India)