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Disability is a blot on the human beings , It, therefore, prevents their social and economical promotion. They have financial , social and national problems, solution to that is not possible in normal circumstances. There are about 7 crores disabled persons in India for the time being, who are living unimaginable circumstances and have separated from the national stream of development. They have a right to live honourably as they are also a part of the society but this all possible only when their problems are looked into properly. Keeping this object in view, a university is required to look into the problems of disabled and to give a honourable solution to such look into the interest of visually disabled, physically disabled, deaf and dumb and mentally retarded persons. The spiritual and clean environment of pious Chitrakoot can be an ideal location for the thinkers identified for disabled university. Chitrakoot has been a workplace of Bhagwan Ram, who had special love and affection for disabled. The establishment of disabled university in Chitrakoot is very relavant in this view as well.


Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Viklang Shikshan Sansthan

Project Place

Near 'Ramayan Mela' Sitapur , Karvi Road, Chitrakoot Dham(U.P)